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SDB is offline as it did not raise adequate donations. I only need $13 usd to get the IPB Forum license to turn the site back online. Donate $13 and site is online today.

Only need 15 members out of a total of 60,000 ; please be generous and donate, in return the site will be online again. 3 Donations received so far.

Donations are anonymous and appear as SDB in paypal. Enter £5.00 or more and I will send you a link to a 200mb zip files of my personal seduction collection. I keep a copy of this on every computer I have as reading it gives me complete confidence that I can be attractive. Its a gold mine.  

SITE GOES ONLINE ON FRIDAY if I get $13 in donations received or NEXT THURSDAY if no donations received. You can email me at - Dimensio

- Dimensio

The paypal account reads and belongs to a moderator. The account cannot be withdrawn from and can only be used to pay server hosting bills. Search google for 5 GBP to USD or 5 GBP to Indian Rupees to see reccomended donations. Pound sterling used as the currency does not fluctuate much. Please donate, It encourages me to give time to the site.